Hi babydolls. Just dropping in for a picture post for you. I’m feeling a bit melancholy, a bit blue too. I always get this way around my birthday and the summer time. I get so excited for the season and my expectations are always high, imagining the parties I’ll throw and attend, the adventures I’ll take, the time I’ll take off of work. Then summer is here and nothing is planned and I always feel disappointed and too tired from working and chores plan the things I wanted. The grey and wet weather doesn’t help either. Lastly my boss had his last day at the company this week. Exactly two years ago we arrived the same day to begin work at the agency. Since then he was like my rock there, so much more than a boss but rather a dear friend and mentor I needed as a silly little naive American girl that had just moved to Paris. We wrote my french papers together senior year so I wouldn’t fail out of classes when I was working all the time at the agency, travelled the world together, sang karaoke together day in and day out in our office, and had heart to hearts over lunches about life as indigo children. Now it’s just a big empty space at his desk in front of a big window with a big grey sky behind it. That being said I will leave you with this little bit sad song Sofia sent me and some pictures of my new blue hair and my blue cocoon I call home.


















Laetitia styled and photographed my hair the other day just around the house here. It was so nice to see her in Paris although way too quickly. See you on facebook, twitter, and tumblr this week cuties. Bisous. Bisous.

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  1. Styleabaad
    June 23, 2011

    Oh I’m sorry you’re feeling down girl, hope the summer heat and sun will come to Paris soon! Your hair looks awesome! Excited to see more of it soon!


  2. ButchPayne
    June 23, 2011

    Well just know that you are not alone. We all feel that way from time to time. It’s all a part of our human growth. Soon the clouds will part, the blue sky will reappear, and the sun will shine brightly again. And btw, Happy early Birthday!

  3. June 23, 2011

    I absolutely LOVE and adore the blue weave!

  4. June 23, 2011

    feel better my dear. The melancholy will go…And, your boss leaving will help you to blossom all the more.

  5. katie
    June 23, 2011

    What a beautiful posting; so honest and so thoughtful – a note that resonates with me. I too have had mentors, come and go… I grew so attached to them, for all they shared, for the courage they insisted I have… no matter my mental kicking and screaming in opposition. And I relate how that emptiness prevails. It seems for a moment you’re unsure how to think, how to approach the day, or even make decisions without them. Be assured that your fondness will never fade from his memory; your connection with him will remain, no matter that he’s not around the corner. I promise you, his teachings, laughter and amazing knowledge, friendship and that something else which noone else will fill, will be forever what makes you smile, will be what reminds you to be stronger, and will forever ignite the movement to journey into yourself to bring out all you are in this world, and to this world, to influence onto others what he has in you. You’ve been given an amazing gift – treasure it and honor all those moments, with who you are. You never know when you will be sent your next mentor and dear friend… after years I have just run into another who is helping make my dreams come true. I know this will happen for you too. It will be okay. :) Xoo!

  6. June 23, 2011

    LOVE the blue streaks!!! I had to go back and look at the first picture after I read you had dyed some of it blue! I thought it was ribbon at a quick glance…

    Be strong and thankful that you had such a wonderful mentor. NOW, chin up, and remember all the things he shared with you so when it is your turn to mentor someone, you can use his advice as a starting point. You may want to take some time now while you are really missing him to jot down some notes – perhaps in a special journal just for your career. (PLUS – a reason to journal in something that is F U N)

    I’m so thankful you have continued to blog, Haleigh! Thank you. I soooo look forward to your stylish photo shoots and text!

  7. Lynn Taylor
    June 23, 2011

    Sooooo beautiful………and life has a funny way of working out!

  8. June 23, 2011

    Original braid! :)

  9. June 23, 2011

    Hope you feel better soon flower! We all have these days. The rain and grey has been non-stop here, which hasn’t helped my mood. I have a month old baby that screams when I’d love her to sleep at night & a million things to do each day that don’t always get done, I barely get time to put nice clothes on, I grab the first pair of jeans I see & my hair is a mess more than I wish it to be, but this times don’t last forever & they won’t last forever for you either. The sun will shine and all will be well again. I know having a mentor come and go after so long can leave a hole, but as long as you keep the cherished memories in your heart, then they are never away & you will see each other again, keep what you’ve learned & shine : ) The streaks looks gorgeous!! Keep smiling dollface! XOXOXO

  10. June 23, 2011

    Oh sorry you’re having a tough time.

    Take care and hope things look up soon!

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  11. Cris
    June 23, 2011

    I love your hair!!!


  12. June 23, 2011

    This is a beautiful post and the song illustrated it so well.

    I get the same way around my bday, it is today actually, and I couldn’t plan anything either, just going with the flow. Grey cloudy rainy day too, sigh… Guess no candle lit dinner with friends in an open space like I had imagined.

    Hugs to you!

  13. alexandra grecco
    June 23, 2011

    great pictures!

  14. June 23, 2011

    so sorry you’re blue. isn’t it nice that you had a boss who became a friend. that speaks volume to both of you. love your hair. love your little blue nest. i would certainly take a grey day in paris anytime over a grey day here in boston. it’s rainy and cold. but i guess it’s all the same when you come right down to it. “the blue of blue is mostly grey – ain’t no silver line – no brighter day, last of the coming up didn’t come my way, looks like i’m down here to stay, down to stay.” {n.holmes} be happy. xo

  15. June 23, 2011

    Love how that girl styled your hair…wow :)

    1. June 24, 2011

      thank you !! ;)

  16. June 23, 2011

    Your hair is beautiful today my friend. I know it must be hard right now loosing your mentor right now but thats how we grow is through hard change. I bet it was hard when you first moved to Paris but look at your now! You are fabulous my dear & an inspiration to many. Be happy ma’dear.


  17. June 23, 2011

    Wow, you hair looks incredible, especially in the braid. Don’t worry, you’ll be feeling better soon (if that weather will cooperate!) and it’s sad to lose a mentor but you seem so comfortable and confident in Paris now, maybe they think you will be OK to be on your own now. Still sad but I’m sure you’re going to still be doing great things there. Lots of love, feel better and great inspiration H!

  18. June 23, 2011

    I’m sorry you’re feeling down and your boss has left. It always sucks when that happens. I love your blue hair though, it looks amazing. Hope you’re feeling better by the time you receive this.

  19. June 23, 2011

    Awwww this is too bad but nonetheless great great photos. All the best!

  20. June 23, 2011

    OMG you have blue hair! I love it!

  21. June 23, 2011

    Your bleu hair is pretty. I would say you may miss the California coast during the summer season. Summer sunshine always pushes those blues away. But for now go eat a blue macaroon or two or three and sip some sparkly and dream. ox

  22. June 23, 2011

    J’adore tellement ce que tu as fait avec tes cheveux, Babydoll!!!

    Tu peux venir avec nous prendre le thé et manger des gâteaux chez Bogato ( samedi à 15h si tu veux?
    On te remonteras le moral !! :)

    Cheer up Babydoll, I love you ♥
    (and I miss you)

  23. June 23, 2011

    Oh, your hair looks so beautiful! I love the blue streak – how cute! The different braids are just lovely, as well. Your little home looks like a dream, I think even Marie Antoinette would be envious. :)
    I know what it’s like to lose a special mentor. It’s a difficult thing to go through, but at least you had a mentor who was able to help you grow and develop your life and career in Paris. I hope you feel better!

  24. June 23, 2011

    Cheer up lovely! You’re too pretty to feel blue :)

  25. June 23, 2011

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets the summertime blues from time to time; it’s s little like New Years, and all the anticipation of a perfect night rarely lives up to the excitement. Keep your chin up and enjoy the little things, like that beautiful blue braid, and the rest will fall in place.

  26. June 24, 2011

    I am sorry you feel down but hopefully you will get back up.. I know the feeling of an empty space, I felt it..and eventualy you get used to it, but still you have your wonderful memories…and maybe somehow you will make new ones, fresh, so you can live properly. Try not to make plans, I am always disappointed they never turn out great, just try to be spontaneous ;)

  27. Mia
    June 24, 2011

    Gorgeous as always! Bellisima!

  28. June 24, 2011

    Come in Lyon lovely !! It was really great to be with you this last Sunday… Hope you will be better !!
    You know you can call me !

  29. June 24, 2011

    I’m so sorry you are feeling sad :( It really is a beautiful and lucky thing to have a relationship like that with someone, let alone your boss. Things will get better– because no matter, you’re still in PARIS! That would make me happy for a lifetime. The pictures are gorgeous– and I love your blue hair.. Is that permanent color? I might want to do something like that! xx

  30. June 25, 2011

    i love this art hair ;-)

  31. June 25, 2011

    Quel univers magnifique!
    Je fonds un peu plus à chaque post…
    Et ce chevet!!! Sublime!

  32. June 26, 2011

    Sorry to hear about your boss. It’s always tough when people you’re friends with or who’ve got your back at work, leave. But hey you’re not a naive little thing any more and you will be okay. Plus how can you not walk tall when your hair looks that fierce?

  33. June 26, 2011

    beautiful inspirations! where did you find them?

    BTW, I’m your big fan – your style is really original and I read your blog very often and I just wonder..if we could follow each other.. But even if your answer is “no” I’ll be still your reader ♥


  34. June 27, 2011

    Bel univers et très jolies photos !

    Bisous de France ;-)

  35. June 27, 2011

    Sometimes its okey to feel blue. before birthdays i get also little bit blue now days when im twenty-something.. a year gone and finding a year older myself. Well.. thats life and lets just enjoy the what we got. You got beautiful pics here again, i love you taste of putting things together. you got the eye!
    Ps: you are summer child as i am too :)