Postcards from Istanbul


There are some sounds you can’t avoid in Istanbul. Taxis honking for one. Traffic is a problem here. After all Istanbul is one of the largest cities in the world. How seventeen million people get around here daily baffles me, particularly when the taxi drivers don’t seem to know a single street name. Inevitably they end up on a one way headed upstream. This is what the horns are for, eastern standoffs on the narrow cobble stone roads of Galata.

Falling for Marseilles


You see the church atop the hill in the distance above? That is Notre Dame de la Garde, and as I am told by the locals in Marseilles, she watches over the city to keep everyone safe. Throughout Marseilles, almost anywhere you look up, you can see her…

Falling For Nice

Nice, France

I always do this thing when I travel. I ask myself “could I live here?” If so I try to imagine what it would be like day to day in this alternative reality. Sometimes it’s an especially dangerous thing to do. Like in Nice last week where I found myself dreaming of fleeing Paris for the south.


Paris & Beyond

Well here we are, Christmas at last. It’s been a long December to get to this day (Christmas Eve as I write). There was a lot of work and a little bit of traveling. Somehow between my assignments I managed make time for some people I care about, which I guess is the spirit of the holidays…


Formentera, Spain

Word of advice, when a friend offers you an island on the Mediterranean in their good company at the height of summer, do not wait five years. Forget work for a while, get on a plane, and go…



Mmmmm, it was La Dolce Vita in Italy for a week with Audrey, and I’m not talking about the gelato considering I ate only two scoops the whole time. It was so hot it was all melting too fast, a lot like our days…