What I Wore…to an interview

Hi babydolls, here is another one of my “what I wore” moments. I had a meeting today, and some of you might be horrified to know this is what I wore. I know, I know, this skirt is not the most serious of sartorial statements, but I have a theory….

What I Wore…House of Wilde

The gals over at House of Wilde and Lifelasting PR sent me over this cute little number and I threw it on right of way! I discovered House of Wilde a few months ago and thought it was oo la la so me…I am glad they did too! I love…

What I Wore…to Mimi & Papa’s

I’m in the States for a few weeks to get a taste of summer and hopped over to grandmothers house. Suburban sprawl is not my thing but I do enjoy a plush green lawn, a nap on some veranda furnishings, and petting our house pup. Daisy dukes, a white tee…