What I Wore…on a Sunday fun day

Sunday should be a cozy day, the day we don’t kick ourselves in the ass for getting out of bed too late and when we do we stroll ourselves to the coffee shop with a good book and sit as long as we like. Luckily today I didn’t have to…

What I Wore…to the flower shop

What I wore to the flower shop…fall back to school puts me in the mood for school girl cuts. Bring on the pleats, collars, backpacks and ankle socks! And my classmate companion? The lovely  Louisa who’s been helping me with some creative projects as of late including these outfit photos… Skirt courtesy of Dahlia…

What I Wore…to an interview

Hi babydolls, here is another one of my “what I wore” moments. I had a meeting today, and some of you might be horrified to know this is what I wore. I know, I know, this skirt is not the most serious of sartorial statements, but I have a theory….