I know, I know…summer is the time for adventure and the days you should be anything but indoors. I have had my fair share of adventures lately. Perhaps that’s why I haven’t felt too much pressure to get out and about. But to be transparent, I’ve been going through “some stuff” too…

Wardrobe Lessons


Soon to be twenty seven I would like to think I made a lot of progress in the art of getting dressed. I won’t tell you how to dress like a French girl, in fact I would never want to tell you how to dress at all. So what I will tell you instead is the things I have learned, done, collected, bought, thrown out, altered etc within my wardrobe that have made getting dressed much easier for me, and hopefully can for you too, no matter what style it is your going for.



Is it the human condition to be perpetually dissatisfied? I don’t remember exactly where it was or when, but I once wrote that everything I do is so one day I can have a balcony in the sunshine in Paris for me and my love. I still mean that. After all who wouldn’t want that? But lately I have to say I’ve been so fulfilled with life…



A few days ago my assistant Ana and I went to Versailles for the day to shoot next week’s article for my LancĂ´me blog. I felt a bit bad as it was her first time there and I rushed us through the large palace as I hate the crowds and don’t think it’s the best stuff to see…



Before it’s time has come, little signs of spring pop up for a week or two. In the park at Pont Marie there has been a little song bird sitting a top the south facing building, overlooking and singing his little spring tune for the sun that has come out more than usual lately. Then one day last week, I think he followed me home…



In France, talking about money is really a “faux pas”. In the world of fashion blogging the jury is still out on that. But I guess when people start talking about things that we’re not really supposed to talk about is when things get interesting, right?