Postcards from Greece


Does the idea of boarding a boat for a week with eight strangers excite or scare you? Personally, I think it’s thrilling…some combination of both. At first they’re your skipper, or the one with the tattoos, or the faux hawk, or the mustache, or the tall blonde. But by the next day and a few hours spent together at sea they’re people that come from places, with names, stories, ideas, and jokes. Personalities. And all these people, they just begin to fall into place…



I know, I know…summer is the time for adventure and the days you should be anything but indoors. I have had my fair share of adventures lately. Perhaps that’s why I haven’t felt too much pressure to get out and about. But to be transparent, I’ve been going through “some stuff” too…

Postcards from Istanbul


There are some sounds you can’t avoid in Istanbul. Taxis honking for one. Traffic is a problem here. After all Istanbul is one of the largest cities in the world. How seventeen million people get around here daily baffles me, particularly when the taxi drivers don’t seem to know a single street name. Inevitably they end up on a one way headed upstream. This is what the horns are for, eastern standoffs on the narrow cobble stone roads of Galata.

Feu d’Artifice


I haven’t felt too inclined to write here. Simply stated….it’s so hot in Paris I think my brain has been fried. Really, I can’t concentrate and my productivity level is at an all time low. I never thought I would wish for cooler weather, but these bright bright days have been burning me out. Don’t get me wrong though…I love a hot summer night.

Wardrobe Lessons


Soon to be twenty seven I would like to think I made a lot of progress in the art of getting dressed. I won’t tell you how to dress like a French girl, in fact I would never want to tell you how to dress at all. So what I will tell you instead is the things I have learned, done, collected, bought, thrown out, altered etc within my wardrobe that have made getting dressed much easier for me, and hopefully can for you too, no matter what style it is your going for.

Falling for Marseilles


You see the church atop the hill in the distance above? That is Notre Dame de la Garde, and as I am told by the locals in Marseilles, she watches over the city to keep everyone safe. Throughout Marseilles, almost anywhere you look up, you can see her…